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“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you're putting yourself out of business.” Lee Kuan Yew
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Software Outsourcing Advantages

At Integrisoft we provide our customers with professional software outsourcing services, contributing significantly to our customer’s ability to compete effectively in terms of qualitycost and time to market. Using the most recent technologies and fast-development frameworks, combined with the most effective project management methodologies, allows us to leverage for you an unparalleled level of flexibility and speed.

»Cost effective
»High quality
»Speed and agility
»Fluent English
»Security & intellectual property
»Access to large talent pool

Just to enumerate a few of the advantages you will enjoy while partnering with us: Why Integrisoft?

Cost effective

Our geographical location in Romania, Eastern Europe allows us to hire the best talent for very competitive prices. Corroborated with a very lean operational philosophy, we are able to minimize the overhead and pass these cost savings to you. In addition, collaborating with us means you have no upfront investment and no fixed costs. Moreover, the projects with our customers can scale up or down over time to best meet your strategic needs of the moment. Simply put, you can grow with us as large or as small as you need, enjoying all the time the savings associated with economies of scale, and without any initial investment and risks. 

High quality

At Integrisoft, quality is paramount to everything we do, from software requirements to the final usability touch we add to our software solutions. Given our company history and the stages we have traversed, quality is organically built into procedures, practices and culture. Integrisoft adhered to ISO 9001 quality standard and got certified by TUV Thuringen Germany. We emphasize our dedication to details and it is in our mission to get the extra step towards total customer satisfaction

Speed and agility

We recognize today’s demand for the delivery of high-quality services and products within the shortest amount of time. Thus we focused on improvement in two main areas: effectiveness of development and predictability. In terms of effectiveness we use a mix of techniques from Agile and Xtreme programming combined with approaches from waterfallmethodology in order to achieve both speed and flexibility. Regarding predictability, we have perfected the estimation techniques we use and have created a culture in which deadlines are taken very seriously. 

Language and cultural background

Initially derived from company founders’ experience and beliefs, Integrisoft puts a strong accent on English proficiency of our staff. Experience has shown that while technical prowess is a must, exquisite communication skills in English are as important as well. Starting with the hiring process we select for and develop our staff to be fluent in both written and conversational English. Besides English language we encourage openness and multicultural experiences, development on this direction being encouraged by some of our colleagues who have extensive work experience in US and Western Europe. Our European background assures that there is no cultural gap to bridge with any US or European customers. Moreover, our time zone allows us to be in synch with any Western European customer and have a large work-day overlap with any US customer. 

Security and intellectual property

In the information age, we know very well how important security and intellectual property are. Integrisoft emphasizes the importance of these aspects and significant effort has been invested in protecting these important assets. Our network and server infrastructure is very secure and audited periodically for potential security breaches. The human factor is also taken into account and there are strict confidentiality policies in place regarding information security and intellectual property. As a natural consequence of our continuing investment in security we are now undergoing ISO 27001 certification. 

Access to a large talent pool

One of the many advantages we offer our customers and partners is our ability to grow fast to meet increasing demands, while at the same time keeping high quality and advantageous costs. Romania has a job market that could provide a large number of IT talent in virtually every expertise area,for a competitive price


Management is an important component that contributes significantly to our unique mix of competitive advantages. We have seasoned project managers that are well-versed in both Waterfall and Agile software development methodologies. Moreover our managers have also extensive work experience abroad and advanced business degrees. 

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