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Custom software development of web applications in PHP on Linux

PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.
PHP can be used for command-line scripting and client-side GUI applications. PHP can be deployed on all web servers, operating systems and platforms. PHP is widely used for creating both interactive and dynamic websites.
Our professional PHP professionals can make modifications to your existing web application. We can add more code or change old/outdated code.

Offering the best technology tailored to the customer needs is one of our main concerns. Tremendous value could come from developing web applications and web sites based on Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP. Fast development and debugging, combined with very low licensing cost of operating system and database server can be the solution of choice for some of our customers. In addition to these advantages, some solutions can consist only of installation, configuration and little custom software development on top of already-mature open-source applications for CMe-Commerceblogs and social networking.

Some of the technologies we have used in the past are: PHP 5Zend FrameworkSymfonyDoctrineMagentoDrupalWordPressPhpBB. For rich user interfaces we use JavascriptAJAXJQueryJQueryMobile.

Our PHP development team has extensive expertise in:
– social networking web sites
– corporate internet and intranet web sites
– portals
– forums
– blogs
– high performance infrastructure design and application optimizations (web clustering, load balancing [HAProxy], caching [Memcached, Nginx], Apache worker, Fastcgi, PHP accelerators [APC, eAccelerator])

Using PHP Application Development for your Business

By incorporating PHP application development in your business, you can get access to the following advantages –

  • You can use PHP programming to develop database driven websites
  • You can easily share and edit your PHP programming files
  • You can develop easy-to-navigate website navigation systems with PHP
  • You can easily adopt PHP programming because it is very similar to C
  • You can use any file extension, such as .html, .asp etc. with PHP
  • You can benefit from secure scripting by configuring your web servers to process your html files with PHP
  • You can reduce your operating costs, by using PHP programming

The Benefits of using PHP Programming

There are several advantages of using PHP programming for your organization’s web applications. The following is a list of benefits of using PHP programming:

  • PHP programming is simple to use and implement
  • The syntax of PHP is very similar to Pearl, Java and C#
  • PHP can be used with Unix, Microsoft Windows, Linux and other operating systems
  • PHP can be used for server-side scripting as well as command line scripting
  • PHP can be used for creating code for dynamic and static web pages
  • PHP is reliable, fast and stable
  • PHP is a language that gets updated on a constant basis
  • PHP can be used as an object-oriented programming tool or as a procedural programming tool
  • PHP can support several web servers
  • The separation of layout and programming code makes it possible that different people can work together on different problems, for example, editors and web designers working autonomously within their respective fields, making the language incredibly flexible.
  • PHP applications can be developed with other programming languages with a significant saving of time and effort.
  • PHP can be attached to a server-side system that is platform independent.
  • The customers who use your website need not install any additional software, add-ons or other features – in comparison to other programming languages such as Java and C#.