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Software Outsourcing Models

“Do not deny the classical approach, simply as a reaction, or you will have created another pattern and trapped yourself there.”
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We focus on providing our customers the best outsourcing solution for the problem at hand. Thus, Integrisoft believes that flexibility and the ability to offer various ways of collaboration is very important. Whether you need one dedicated programmer to be virtually part of your pre-existing team or a whole team dedicated on a long-term product development project and everything in between, we are here to fulfill your needs and hence deliver a successful end product. 

Staff Augmentation

There are situations when you need to complement your development team with additional resources on a short notice. Our team has developers that are experienced in working remotely and being virtually part of your local team. Our colleagues are accustomed to use the online collaboration and conferencing tools, thus being seemlessly integratedinto your team. 

Fixed Cost Projects

When requirements are well defined and documented, a fixed-cost approach could be the best way of collaboration. In such cases, we assign a dedicated team of experienced developers and we will complete the project within time and budget. 

Time and Material Projects

In cases where projects need frequent changes of requirements and priorities, an flexible approach is more appropriate. This way we could be very agile and adapt seemlessly to the changing requirements imposed by our customer’s business environment.

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